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robot vacuum

NEED I SAY MORE?… Okay, I need to and will (speak with no real grasp on the truth of which I speak — see that disclaimer I just did, it kinda sounded smartish).

AS A SCIFI WRITER, I’m alway looking …

cover art for HIDE Singularity

I’m working for you readers… I know you’re asking for the next episode in the series and it’s coming real soon. Look for release between 1 and 2 weeks. And update on the other books… I’m currently working on Book …

image of brain


OKAY, perhaps you know, or you should know, that one of the reasons I wrote HIDE was because I have my own memory issues… have my own memory issues… see, what I mean. 😉 I’ve always felt there must …

So damn cute it makes you want to curse! These are and were most of my favorite shows so I totally am in on the jokes… Except for Downton Abbey. I’m not sure I’ll ever get that but the kids …