A Great Day on Amazon

by / Sunday, 23 November 2014 / Published in book report, books, HIDE series

Screen Shot 2014-10-29 at 11.26.38 AMThis was truly a great day. Not today, though it’s quite fine in its own way (I got to spend quality time with my kids and my wife is flying home later tonight), but the day of the ranking on this picture. Obviously, it must have been worthy of making the three finger effort to capture the shot.  But if you look close you’ll notice that these number 1 rankings are for a free run that my publisher did in October. At the time, I thought to myself, “Okay, great, number one on a bunch of these lists but, hey, isn’t that because I’m giving away my first book?” So happy feeling went away for awhile until recently when the wave that was created by the free run seems to be constantly crashing on the shore of more ebook sales. In fact, my author rank is hovering around 20,000, which to you, the blog reader, may not seem that amazing but for a guy who just put his first book ever up on Amazon, and considering the fact that about a hundred thousand great authors came before me, it’s a solid sales accomplishment.

I‘m only just learning from this whole experience that it’s not just about putting out a book, or multiple books but the willingness to give away my story. If I didn’t believe in it so much, I wouldn’t have given a part of it away. But I think those thousands of people who downloaded HIDE 1 are finally realizing what I was guessing was true, there’s a real interesting world there and I hope I can do justice to it in the expansion of it.

Wish me luck!

My advice to all you budding authors… revise. Duh, that’s obvious. Of course, deliver you’re best work, but if you’re confident in your writing, don’t be afraid to give part of it away to attract attention to your little story in the vast ocean of stories.

To give is to receive… how true it is.

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