HIDE 2: Singularity Coming Soon!

by / Saturday, 30 August 2014 / Published in books, cover art, HIDE series, Matt Delisle

I’m working for you readers… I know you’re asking for the next episode in the series and it’s coming real soon. Look for release between 1 and 2 weeks. And update on the other books… I’m currently working on Book 4. I can’t share that title but I can share with you Book 3’s title.

And the winner is… HIDE 3: Freefall!

Hope you’re excited because I know I am.



Update: Summary for HIDE 2: Singularity

Keegan tries to adjust to his new life in Sedonia Falls and forget the abuse of his mother. But with the start of school, things progress to a level of bizarre he’s never been accustomed to–he goes from zero to hero with the hottest girl in school and takes his place amongst the social elite. But the reversal of fortune makes Keegan question what’s really happening. And for some reason he’s just become enemy number one for the scariest maniac in school. The secret to his survival might just depend on the girl nobody wants him to be with.


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