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3-HIDE-FreefallHey HIDERS,

It’s time to make this 3rd book cover for The HIDE Series official… BAM, OFFICIAL. The subscribers have already seen this cover art because they signed up early on. Membership has to have some privileges, right?

This is one of my favorite covers in the series because it represents a period in the story where the main character is actually falling from his status this strange and creepy town of Sedonia Falls. There’s a really nice progression to all the cover art and it will make sense once book 5 is finally out there.

But that’s down the road, we’re definitely not there yet. HIDE 3: Freefall will probably be out in the next week or two so keep coming back to the site for more details.

Btw, all cover art has been the work of Matt Delisle. So happy with what he’s been able to create with all the scattered thoughts I’ve been sending him. There was one hand drawing that I sent him once that only after sending did I realize that it looked like a woman’s private part. And that’s why author make poor book designers. 🙂

Okay, signing off… and remember, “They’re Closer Than You Think!”

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