Signs the Robot Revolution is Upon Us… Soon!

by / Thursday, 04 September 2014 / Published in Robot Revolution, Robots, tech, Technology

NEED I SAY MORE?… Okay, I need to and will (speak with no real grasp on the truth of which I speak — see that disclaimer I just did, it kinda sounded smartish).

AS A SCIFI WRITER, I’m alway looking for signs. Signs of ideas to write about, signs of the way things are going to be, and signs that the Robot Revolution is upon us. Well, this little robo vacuum may not suggest the latter to you but when James Dyson slaps his approval on a vacuum, you can bet that little guy probably spoke to him (and yes, as a guy with an overactive imagination, I’m thinking “I bet the little guy really did speak to him!”). The Dyson 360 Eye is one cool device, not because it shuffles around randomly picking up cat hairballs, but because it can see those nasty hairballs the moment they are ejected from the gob of Sprinkles the cat. That’s progress. Real progress because that one hairball, without the love of a good robot vacuum, could probably sit a fortnight before the old tech finally sucked it up. Um, I’m no scientist but isn’t that what caused War of the Worlds?

OKAY, MY REASONING behind this being the precursor to the Robot Revolution is this: once we trust our little devices and can’t live without them– and I know our household would not be the same without our current loan-necessary Dyson — we begin to personify them, give them names, let them get us a cup of Joe, message our stinky feet, let them write up our legal documents, then, oops, somehow the head of the most successful dirt sucking company in history has ‘accidentally’ fallen down three flights of stairs and it seems he’s willed all his insane wealth to a robot vacuum named Sucky. Now that’s an easy sequence of events to follow so it must be true. Hey, I’m a writer, I don’t lie (and can’t be held accountable for the truth).

OTHER SIGNS of the Robot Revolution to watch out for… 1) Your car asks you to give it moment as it rolls up the windows, locks the doors, and pumps CO2 into the vehicle 2) Siri no longer addresses you by your name but as a 9 digit number 3)When there’s smoke in your home, instead of beeping, your fire alarm can be heard giggling.

Okay, if you find other signs that something bad is coming down, send them my way. I’ll believe you, I believe just about anything. 🙂


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